Monthly Archives: July 2006

Hug your cat (or other pet)!

AzraelOkay, I normally don’t do this sort of thing, but being the owner of an incredibly affectionate and loyal cat, this story just really gets to me:

It’s about nearly 40 poor cats that were rescued from some guy’s house in the southern Chicago suburbs. Many of them are in bad shape and the humane society down there is asking for donations and/or foster homes for these poor cats. I just sent them a check today, so if any of you out there that read this have any money to spare, send it their way.

From the article:

Anyone who wants to make a donation should send it, marked “Matteson cats,” to the South Suburban Humane Society, P.O. Box 744, Chicago Heights, 60412. To be a foster parent to a cat, call (708) 755-7387.

And either way, give your pet(s) some extra attention to let them know how much you appreciate them!

Introducing PHPeas

PHPeasI just got approval for my new SourceForge project: PHPeas! The project description blurb:

PHPeas is a component architecture for the PHP 5 object model, and an associated set of helper libraries to help simplify and enhance the existing PHP object introspection and reflection APIs.

This project is basically going to be a standards doc, and some helper classes. Over the past several years of doing OO related stuff in PHP, I started to notice certain patterns emerge in the way I built my classes. When I got deeper into Java development at work, I noticed I was using many of the standards and concepts present in the JavaBeans spec. So I figured, something similar might be good for PHP, are at least for me, hehe.

A lot of the standards and some of the helper libraries have evolved out of BuBOL already, so this shouldn’t distract me from my current projects… I hope ;-D