Monthly Archives: December 2006


Fun with EnglishFirst off: yes I’m still alive 🙂 I changed jobs near the end of October, then will all the holiday craziness and a healthy dose of EverQuest II (I should update my gaming page, but my character is named Reilos, on the Guk server), I haven’t been able to do much else.

This is just sort of me thinking out loud, but Maggie and I have been trying to catalog all the Northeast Illinois pronunciations of certain words to try to show people from around here that they do indeed have an accent. We’re skipping some of the more obvious Chicago accent pronunciations (s-ah-sage for sausage, frunchroom for frontroom, etc.) and looking for some of the more subtle ones.

So here’s our list thus far:

  • fermillyer = familiar
  • pry, prolly, problee = probably
  • kinduh = kind of
  • gotta = got to (butchered grammar to begin with, heh)
  • arright = alrightarready = already
  • alls = ?? (e.g. “So alls I need to do is turn right here?”)
  • arr = our (e.g. “We’ll take arr car”)
  • yer = your or you’re
  • gimme = give me

It’s fun sometimes to take a step back and actually listen to the common pronunciations around you sometimes. For most of my life I never believed folks from this area actually had any sort of accent, hehe.