Monthly Archives: November 2008

My open source empire grows

Empirical state of mindI’ve had a recent spurt of development activity and released 2 more projects to SourceForge: PHP Collections and GrayMocks.

PHP Collections is a small set of interfaces (and reference implementations) for a variety of collection objects for PHP. GrayMocks is a Rhino.Mocks inspired dynamic mock object framework for PHP. Actually PHP Collections has sort of been on SourceForge since August, but I finally cleaned up my half-assed roll-out of it.

Since the number of open source projects I’m spinning off is growing, I stopped adding individual projects to the primary menu in the upper left and instead started lumping them all into one Open Source Projects page. Check it out! It contains my full list of projects along with some history.

Now that I think about it, I should probably setup a unified issue tracker for all of these projects too so I don’t have to watch numerous SourceForge trackers. Not like anyone’s submitting bugs or features, but still…

Anyway, hopefully this development streak continues and I push out Zorm and the new and improved BuBOL in the near future. Watch this space! 🙂