Here we go again…

Here we go againSo I guess this is my fourth iteration of in the past decade, heh. I’ve had more than a few long winded thoughts backed up in my brain that I knew the Internet would love to hear so I decided to revamp the site again. That, and I moved it to a new hosting company. Oh and I’ve learned to stop worrying and love WordPress in the past few years.

So anyway, I’m in the long, slow, and painful process of migrating all of my old posts from the previous incarnation of the site to the current incarnation. Why? Who knows. But anyway, stay tuned, because all of your favorite classics will soon be back, and I have a couple of topics I’ve been dying to complain… errr…. write about: The Plague of Software/Application Updates and my thoughts on the Chicago Startup Scene. Check back again soon!

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