Archives are back online and comment spam tastes bad

Shitter's fullHoly crappers. All of the archives from the previous incarnation of have been brought into the current site, except for all the junk I posted between 2002 and 2006 (because it was hard enough bringing the current posts up to speed, heh). So now I can focus on all new bland content!

Incidentally, does anyone else running WordPress get this much comment spam? Fortunately none of the comments make it to the live/public site, but good gravy are there a lot of them. I’ve gotten into the habit of just periodically shit-canning these spam comments to my site’s internal spam folder, but if you know of an accurate, more automated solution for dealing with comment spam on WordPress, please let me know!

Oh and here’s a shameless plug: How are you feeling? How is the world feeling? Find out now on MoodClimate!

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