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In no way affiliated with MicrosoftHere’s yet another shameless plug: this time it’s for a niche site I’ve been working on with a buddy of mine. We’re hoping to teach the world about our awesome philosophies and practices about our flavor of DevOps, in a Windows environment. Windows DevOps. Yep.

The site is called DevOps on Windows. If you’re a Windows applications developer, a Windows sysadmin, a Devopeler, or if you’re just interested in quality technology practices in general, then check it out. We have several articles up already with plenty more in the pipeline that we’ll be releasing over the next few weeks.

To quote from our About page:

To us, DevOps is the idea that software should be simple to operate. Deployments should be routine, not terrifying. Configuration should require a few clicks, not a thousand-line shell script. Problems should be easy to spot, not buried in a log file.


Our focus is on applying DevOps in a small- or medium-scale Windows enterprise environment. We want to make it clear that DevOps is not just for the Facebooks of the world, it can be the right answer for your organization as well.

So yeah, stop by the site, give it a read, let us know what you think in the comments!

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